TType: touch typing made fun

Learn to type using all ten fingers by playing games
and save more than 300 hours a year.

Matouš Vinš

Blogger and traveller

I'm now able to type as fast as I think. Whatever's going through my head, I can see straight on the screen. It's easier to dive into the flow, and typing new articles has become an easy piece of cake.

Daniel Gamrot

Editor-in-chief Mítvš

I've tried many tools and techniques, though TType was the one for me. I followed through and got rid of the majority of my bad touch-typing habits. Moreover, it's fun.

Leoš Tupec

Print services manager

I want my colleagues to type faster. Every waste of time, not just in production, is an extra cost.

Why learn to type with us?

It’s fun

We will teach you the right finger placement and how to use it accurately and fluently in 18 levels. We have been developing our unique gamified learning system for more than 3 years.

Learn the basics within one month

Just practice 15 minutes a day. In the morning in your bed, during an endless meeting or after lunch during a coffee break. In a month, you'll be able to type without looking at the keyboard, and you’ll start to work on speed.

Develop and grow

Our games are designed to improve the motoric of your fingers, as well as focus, concentration, and the basics of healthy touch typing.

What it looks like when someone types using all ten fingers?

1-4 Fingers

Ø 150 keystrokes/min

10 Fingers

Ø 350 keystrokes/min

What TType gives you?

Gamified learning experience

You will gradually learn the right finger placement thanks to 130 gaming rounds in 18 levels.

Four types of games

You won't get bored with our 4 types of games.

Accompanying theory

Gain wisdom and techniques of the typing masters.

Motivational star system

Get rewards with each victory you take on your way to become better.

Compare yourself with friends

See how your friends are doing and try to beat them!

Detailed statistics

Keep track of your progress in one place.

Adjustable round

Design your own gaming round to improve more specific and troublesome key combinations.


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