One summer's day in 2015 Jirka and I were on a romantic walk around a lake in Jedovnice, Czech Republic. Jirka suggested the idea of a touch-type application that would increase Digital Nomads’ typing speed and efficiency. I instantly fell in love with the idea and so TType was born!

Half a year later Lukas joined us and since then we have been developing TType together. Lots of incredible things have happened during this time and the momentum is snowballing into an exciting future for our app.

We tried lots of options but, with an incorrect design and lack of user testing, nothing seemed to be working. After 6 months we made the tough decision to restart the whole project and carefully re-build our dream from scratch.

The turning point came when we took part in the 100 DAY Challenge organised by Impact HUB. Here, we first learned about the design process and collaborated with mentors and consultants. The final app design and business plan was created there. Since then we have been regularly testing our app and we became more user-oriented. Feedback is our best friend!

Success! After months of perfecting the app, the paid version of TType was launched in December 2015 whilst we were staying in Thailand in the 35°C heat. We were excited and nervous, but most of all, we were determined that our dream would be a success.

We are still working on the app daily, adding new features such as the ‘Sea of Opportunities’ and the ‘Adjustable Round’. We also cooperate with several schools and companies to improve typing skills for a variety of ages.

We, ourselves, are digital nomads and we now travel around the world whilst working on our dream. Most of our employees are from Prague or Brno, in Czech Republic, but are now also Digital Nomads like us.. Twice a year we all meet up in a country cottage as a team building experience. Despite the advantages of technology, nothing can replace: meeting in person, talking face to face and building our professional friendships.

Meet our team:


CEO, Founder and Visionary

421 keystrokes/min.

Former PHP Programmer, the app wouldn't exist without him. He’s the most knowledgeable team member in terms of technical issues and he spends his free time working as a personal mentor within this area. Together with Lukas he creates Neurolinguistic programming under the brand



263 keystrokes/min.

Lukas’ role has developed throughout the growth of this project. He started as a graphic designer, then UX and has now earned the title of sales manager. He has a way with people, not only because of Neurolinguistic programming, but because of his friendly and approachable nature. We love him!


Coordinator of TType and Marketing

399 keystrokes/min.

Linda used to manage everything apart from the developmental side of the project and has had the opportunity to try a variety of professional roles to see where her passions lie. Recently she has been able to concentrate her skills on TType and takes on more of a management role. Linda also likes to travel a lot, spread the idea of digital nomads and and also provides graphics courses.



222 keystrokes/min.

We met Veronika in Thailand when she was hungry to learn everything about digital marketing. We decided to give her the opportunity and she has taken to it like a duck to water. She is enthusiastic and surprises us every day with her knowledge of all the available tools and projects which could progress TType further. Veronika travels around the world with her boyfriend and does house sitting. She shares her experiences on her blog JakNaHousesitting.Cz.



239 keystrokes/min.

This awesome frontend programmer was sent from the heavens, and we found him in Slovakia. He takes care of everything visible on the web, from the buttons to the landing pages, to make it look professional and attractive.



379 keystrokes/min.

Jacob is our youngest team member. He runs PHP and takes care of the ‘behaviour’ of our app. He has just started on his journey with us and has a great future ahead of him at TType. There are only a few people of his age that have such a talent for programming. Hats off to him.


Customer support, analyst

239 keystrokes/min.

Radka is a treasure. She helps us with the daily running/customer service of TType and has recently discovered the world of data analytics. If you have any questions, she’s your girl! In her spare time, she likes to travel and takes part in the organization of Python courses for PyLadies. Girls rock in IT, believe me!


Graphics, UX

198 keystrokes/min.

Katarina takes care of our graphics and recently she learnt everything there is to know about UX. She is a real star, inside and outside of her job role. She also makes jewellery for a living and her products are awesome. If you’re looking for a unique gift, take a peek at her online shop Deux Soray.



187 keystrokes/min.

How do you like using our app? This is the question which Standa is interested in. Between drinking mathé and attending university he helps us to make TType more straightforward and user-friendly.



200 keystrokes/min.

She's a wordsmith genious for our blog and also used to work for Czech radio. Pavlina has loved writing since she was a child; letting her imagination run wild. In her spare time she loves: photography, reading, crafts, interior design and exploring new hobbies.

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