Conditions of affiliate program

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Basic information

The subject of the affiliate program is the promotion of TType for commission on sales.
The Service Provider is Lukáš Zídka, IČO: 87977346, Czech republic, Prague, Mírového hnutí 869/22. A Partner is a natural or legal person registered with the affiliate program of TType who agrees with the Terms and Conditions set out on this page (the "Terms").

Affiliate code and its processing

After signing up for the affiliate program, the Partner is assigned a unique code. To count clicks, it must reference the TType website in this format: (where CODE is the assigned code). It is also possible to refer to any site sub pages, and such a link should also contain the code. ?a=KOD, e.g.

On the first user visit, the code and time of this visit will be stored in a 30-day cookie. When the user registers, the cookie data is transferred to a database. When purchasing a full version, data from the database is used to attribute the conversion to the Partner (the user is always registered and logged in at this time).
When a gift card is purchased, the user will not be registered. In such cases the cookie data will still be used..
This ensures that when a user registers, the conversion will be counted even when it is carried out from another device than the one he or she has registered from. For an unregistered user this cannot be technically ensured and conversions from another device are therefore not counted..
The Service Provider does not guarantee conversion being attributed to a Partner in cases in which it is impossible to use the technical solution described here..

Form of advertising

TType can be referenced simply by link or image (banner, etc.). A list of usable graphical ad formats is provided by the Service Provider. Atypical formats can be individually arranged.

It is strictly forbidden to:

The Service Provider reserves the right to check the content of the site and the location of the links on the Partner's sites. If the content of the site is inconsistent with the applicable laws of the Czech Republic or with the above rules, the Service Provider has the right to withdraw from the contract and the Partner thereby will not have rights to get the commission..


The commission amount is CZK 100 including VAT per purchase made. The commision is owed to the Partner for each purchase that a customer makes within 30 days of the first visit to the web site of TType through a Partner link. This is on the condition that the customer has cookies enabled and works on the same computer in the same browser during the first visit and during registration (or when buying a gift card).

If a user has applied a promotion code for a purchase the commision is not counted. This is invalid if the Partner and the Service Provider agree in writing in advance..

The Service Provider reserves the right to change the commission without notice. The Parther will be notified of the new commission amount via the e-mail address provided at registration..

The Partner can obtain an overview of the current commission amount and the number of sales made by sending a query to our info We will send you the latest results within 3 business days..

Payment of commission

The Partner can request that commission be paid by sending an e-mail If a Partner is a freelance individual, they are required to issue an invoice addressed to the Service Provider's address stated in the header of these Terms and Conditions before sending it to the Service Provider by email. The maturity of the invoice issued by the Partner is 30 days. If a Partner cannot issue an invoice, their commission will be paid to them on the basis of a pre-made contract for the work..

The minimum amount of commission that will be paid is CZK 500.

The commission itself is credited to the Partner only when the ordered service is paid by the customer to the Service Provider's account..

The Partner's commission is not counted:

Protection of personal data

Information about the protection of personal data managed by the Service Provider. You can find here.

Partners who have signed up for the affiliate program agree to receive e-mail messages that will be used to send news and information related to campaigns for the program..

Final Provisions

The Service Provider is not responsible for damage caused by failure, error or outage of the online system or the network connection..

Termination of the agreement by the Service Provider and the Partner is possible at any time without giving a reason..

In the event of a breach of these Terms, the Service Provider reserves the right to terminate the affiliate account of the Partner and to block the payment of their commission. Tha balance of the account then falls to the Service Provider..

The validity of these Terms is not limited in time. Conditions can beupdated on a continuous basis..